FALCON: Pragmatic multicentre FActorial randomised controlled triaL testing measures to reduCe surgical site infection in lOw and middle income couNtries

The modules available in FALCON RCT Training will equip you with all the necessary training to take part in all aspects of this trial. 

There will be 4 modules in total

  1. Module 1 - GCP training certification
  2. Module 2 - FALCON Pre-Operative Patient Pathways
  3. Module 3 - FALCON Intervention Training
  4. Module 4 - FALCON Follow-up training

Please click on the modules below to work through the content. When you have a completed a module you will be awarded a 'badge' which will show in your 'dashboard' area. 

FALCON training is delivered by the NIHR Global Surgery Unit, The University of Birmingham, The Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit and The Global Health Network

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the international ethical, scientific and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted. Compliance with GCP provides public assurance that the rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants are protected and that research data are reliable.

Everyone involved in the conduct of clinical research must be competent to perform their tasks, qualified by education, training and experience.

This module is delivered by The Global Health Network 

In this module we will describe some of the practicalities associated with setting up FALCON as your hospital, such as establishing your site office, your site team and ways to identify eligible patients

This module will teach you about the FALCON intervention

This module is delivered by The NIHR Unit on Global Surgery, The University of Birmingham and The Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit

This module covers:

  • when should patients be followed-up
  • who should perform patient follow-up
  • how should follow-up be completed

This module is delivered by the NIHR Unit on Global Surgery, University of Birmingham and Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit